Friday, May 11, 2012

One Down, One to Go

Yesterday, Ace got his CDL Class A. I didn't take my retest, so I get to go test on Tuesday to get my CDL. We both had problems the first time we went to the Department of Public Safety to take our tests (Ace didn't get past the backing, and I didn't pass the driving test).

Yesterday, I sat in our car for half the day, with the air conditioner blowing on me. Whenever I would get out of the car for more than a minute, I felt nauseous and was not in any condition to drive a truck.

Today, I am taking the day off school so that I can have a three day weekend to fully cool down and recover from heat exhaustion (a condition that I've probably been suffering from for most of the past 3 weeks). I'm not overheated any more, but I am still exhausted pretty much all the time. The short trip Ace and I made out this morning sapped what little energy I had.

But we are closer to getting out of here. Even with my overheating problem.
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