Sunday, May 13, 2012


Every time I think about what Ace and I have lived through in the last 3 years (okay, 2 and 1/2), I'm surprised at how strong we both were. We have had more things thrown at us, and yet we are still standing. Someday, we'll tell people our story (when it's all finished) and they will ask us how we are still together. And our only answer will be "God" because it's not because we could have done it on our own.

I'm seeing the light. The tunnel is finally almost over. I'm not saying there aren't still some hard times to come, but we've gotten past some of the hardest things. We've had almost anything that could have torn our relationship apart come up. And yet, here we are.

It helps that we are honest with each other. Sometimes painfully so. It's not wonderful to hear Ace tell me where I've messed up and I've said some things that have hurt him deeply (either because I wasn't thinking or because I was hurting). It's not like we're always the couple still in their honeymoon phase. We just don't let ourselves stay away from that phase for long.

On days like today, when big parts of me just want to run and hide until a greeting card holiday is over, Ace provides me with strength. He makes lunch with his family more bearable. Not being in pain today would have made it even better. His understanding helps me to keep my mouth shut, which is currently the best plan (and is likely to always be, when it comes to his parents).
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