Friday, May 18, 2012

Waiting Again... Naturally

There are things you learn that you wish you didn't know sometimes. Like that if you fail the test to get your Class A CDL you have to wait 30 days to test, and if you fail that you have another 30 days before you can test again. Hopefully on June 19th, I'll successfully get my Class A CDL and not have to wait another 30 days (this is my first 30 day wait, I'm hoping it's my only 30 day wait).

I have to wait for a month before I go back up to the school to practice for a day before I test. I get most of the next month to wait and relax. Ace is going to go start training at the company we've picked. He leaves Tuesday (or he will, after he's arranged everything). He'll be waiting for me to catch up on training when the time comes.

Today, we are taking things easy. Since I'm stuck waiting, Ace will be taking my laptop with him. I'll get the desktop. On the plus side, when we get a new laptop (after some pay has come in), it will be mine. I get the new laptop while Ace gets my current laptop (it's only a little over a year old, so it's not exactly ancient). I think this is the first time I get the nicer computer first.

Unfortunately, Ace and I will be apart for our anniversary (and his birthday). We'll have to celebrate them when we get together again. But I do get to see my dad graduate with his MBA next week. And I should be fully recovered from heat exhaustion long before I go back to school (which is good, because I'm tired of being tired).

So, I'm currently waiting again. It's starting to feel normal, all this waiting. On the plus side, I have plenty of things to keep myself busy around here. Like enjoying the time I have left with Ace before he goes.
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