Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Still Alive

I haven't abandoned my blog, I've just been crazy busy this past week. Tuesday, I was trying to distract myself from missing Ace (there were tears, but not as many as there could have been). Wednesday, I was getting ready for my trip to my dad's house and then running around getting some paperwork together for Ace. Thursday morning, I got the rest of the paperwork together and then went off to my dad's house with him.

Thursday evening was a nice evening with family relaxing and talking and watching my sister drink too much alcohol. We all had a good evening and I got to use the hot tub a bit, which was great for my back. Friday was spent relaxing as much as possible with my family, until it was time to get ready to go to the graduation, and then it was all of us taking pictures and looking out for more family/friends who were coming to the graduation. And then it was dinner out and pain killers because my back did not like my bra/how much it had to support me/life/?. The day ended with me taking a prescription muscle relaxant and some Tylenol with Codeine.

Saturday was mostly spent with me trying to wake up already (Codeine does not quickly leave my system). I did get in the pool for a bit (my boobs have a slight sunburn) and I talked with Ace for a bit (he was sent home pending paperwork from the IRS, which hopefully will not be an issue for me when the time comes for that). Yesterday, I watched lots of TV, a couple of movies, packed my bags, and came home. It was a nice, lazy day. My sister and her boyfriend dropped me off on their way home. Other than a dislike of the music they chose, it wasn't a bad trip.

Ace surprised me with some of the shopping he did yesterday. He bought me some replacement chocolate and soda (he had some of mine, but he got more than just enough to replace what he had taken) and he bought me chocolate-covered strawberries. That man loves me.

And now, I'm going to enjoy my day with Ace. Who knows how long I'll have him or when I'll get to see him again after this.
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