Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Adventures in Grossness

Do you know how it's going to be a bad day?

You wake up, set one foot in the bathroom, recoil because the floor is wet, and notice that there is a puddle of water around the toilet where there wasn't before (and shouldn't have been).

Then, after 3 and 1/2 hours of frustration at work because the computer doesn't want to do what it's supposed to, you find out the problem has gotten worse while you were gone (Ace took today off so he could drive me to and from work, just in case there was ice. There wasn't, but it was a wonderful gesture.).

So, then you find out that the first place you talk to about fixing your problem won't be there until tomorrow (no toilet, no shower/tub, and they can't come until tomorrow?). You sigh and half hope that your second job will want you to come in so you can go to the bathroom there (it's that or the gas station down the road). Then, your wonderful husband calls the company back to find out how much it should be, they tell him "I dunno." So he calls another company, who can come later today and it should be somewhere between $100 and $150 most likely.

After the pipes are fixed (stupid roots in the pipes), you then have the unenviable task of cleaning up after all the sludge (2 toilets, 1 tub, and 2 floors to mop, and a shower to take so you feel clean again after you finish, plus another load of laundry to do). An hour after the plumbing company arrives, you finally feel clean again.

I'm sure you can guess whose day that was.

It's gotten a lot better in the last 30 minutes (since I got out of the shower).

I'm going to go relax and enjoy the rest of my evening off. Especially since my bathrooms are clean and usable again.

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