Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Serial Killers Can Be Sexy

Okay, so Ace and I are watching season 1 of Dexter. It's a show about a sociopathic serial killer (he only kills bad people). He's got a girlfriend with two kids and he works for the police department (he analyzes blood splatter). And the opening credits keep reminding me that he's a killer. And yet, his character is attractive.

You can tell he's holding back on taking care of a few problems for his girlfriend (taking care = killing in this case). And I have problems with the fact that I find this killer, who shows his audience how much of his life is a facade, so darn attractive and sexy. It's not that I want to have sex with him, but... I want the show to continue when it's over. I want to know more about this character than they have time to show.

Ace and I watched the 7 of the first 8 episodes yesterday. I was (and still am) frustrated that we only watched one episode today, because I want to know how it will go, how the story will end. And I want to know if they've set up the next season (season 2, I mean) at the end of this one.

So, the main thing I've learned lately is that serial killers can be sexy and I occasionally get slightly obsessed over television shows.


P.S.: I'm not loving The L Word right now (I'm trying to watch part of season 1, and I'm just not getting into it.).
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