Saturday, January 26, 2008

All I Want for Valentines Day...

is to be/get pregnant. Which shouldn't come as a surprise to, well, anyone who has been reading. Ace is trying to be supportive of my current insane fantasy that if we have problems getting me pregnant through the rest of this year, we shouldn't get tested to find out why, we should keep trying and possibly start trying to adopt.

Have I mentioned that I might be slightly insane?

I'm not fully sure that Ace realizes how slightly obsessed I am with the idea of getting pregnant (we haven't talked much about it lately, other than to both agree that we're ready to put trying back in the picture, now that we are more financially stable). Of course, I'm still on the lower end of the obsession scale. I'm not currently sinking money into fertility monitors (maybe in April or May, if things haven't started happening).

Tonight is my last night to deal with the public while working for Bath and Body Works (tomorrow is my last day, but I'll only be there for floor sets, which means I can wear whatever I want!). It's going to be odd, yet somewhat nice not working there anymore. I'm not sure if I'll try to find another job on the weekends and in the evenings. I think Ace and I need to discuss it first (looks like something to talk about tomorrow).

Well, I've got to go finish getting ready for work.

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