Saturday, June 20, 2009

Changing Gears

Now that I've re-read all of the Chronicles of Narnia (okay, so I read the first two shortly before each movie came out and didn't re-read them right around now, but that doesn't mean that I don't remember what happened), I've started over on reading The Lord of the Rings. And I've changed tactics from reading the Chronicles of Narnia. Instead of reading a book a day (because those are some long books), I'm reading a chapter a day on the days Ace works. At least, that's the theory of how it will go.

More likely, I'll stick to that for a while, but will change my tune on Ace's days off as I start getting to some action.

In completely different news, I started washing our dishes by hand yesterday (apparently dishwashers require hot water to actually work, who knew?). Today, I worked on my laundry, but tomorrow I'll be back to hand-washing dishes again. The only real problem with that is that our kitchen sink doesn't drain properly, so I can't be absolutely sure that I'm getting every bit of soap off the dishes. So, for now, we're going to be rinsing dishes off before using them (just in case).

Of course, my morning yesterday started with cleaning off the counter next to the sink in order to put dishes down to dry, which was as big an undertaking as actually washing the dishes was. There were dirty dishes, dishes that had been hand-washed a while ago, a blender, the top portion of the ice cream maker (that hasn't been used in a while), a plug for a blue tooth product (we'd been looking for that, didn't think to look in the kitchen), the heating unit of our crock-pot, and a pile of sugar mixed with Borax to kill ants piled up over there. Plus a few clothes that were down for drying dishes that needed to be moved to the dirty clothes.

But, after moving all that and using some Lysol wipes, my counter was clean once again. On the plus side, I got roughly a third of the dirty dishes clean in less than an hour, so by Tuesday I should be all caught up on dishes again (and it will be easier to keep everything caught up after that).

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