Friday, June 5, 2009

Good News Friday

Today has been a fairly good day, which is slightly impressive as we've not been getting the best news lately.

Today, I got a phone call related to me possibly getting a job (remember that job search I haven't talked about lately? yeah, it's still happening). Then, Ace texted me and told me that he was getting off work early (we weren't expecting that to happen).

Then we went to get a new battery put in our car (see, bad news) and it turned out not to be as expensive as we thought it might be. Plus, we now have something to jump start the car (we just need to charge it up, which is better than charging the car's battery every night and Ace spending his lunch break sitting in the car with it running to make sure he can get home each night).

Then we went and got ice cream.

So, today has been a fairly good day overall.

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