Sunday, June 28, 2009

Other Than That How Was the Play, Mrs. Lincoln?

Sometimes, people asking innocent questions just hurts. The biggest question that hurts is "Do you have kids?"

I know why it's asked. It's a getting to know you question. It's a let's see how much we have in common question.

And if you're trying to expand your family from 2 to 3 (or for a variety of other reasons, including miscarriages and infertility), it feels like more of a let's remind you of something that's already on your mind and is sensitive question. And it's a question that you wish you could just push away or do away with altogether.

The simple answer to your question, at least in this house, is not yet, we're trying. The complex answer is that I'm trying to remember what I know God has promised me, I'm trying to ignore that stupid whisper in my ear that says that maybe I'll never have kids naturally, and I'm trying to remember that if all else fails, I'm happy to adopt, wanting to adopt someday in fact. Also, I don't feel like it's any of your business unless you are selling me insurance or doing my taxes.

And that is how a simple getting to know you question can be one of the most painful questions to answer.
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