Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 13

Or M.A. Smith has been having a crappy week, so here's another spam e-mail

>Hello Friend,
Don't call me friend yet, I don't know if I like you.

>I'm Ralph Brimly Esq. a lawyer here in the Kingdom of Thailand. I know this may
>look surprising to you because we have never met but I found your contact
>particulars from an address journal and have summed up the courage to contact
>you. I apologies for taking a little of your time but be rest assured that you
>will be greatly rewarded if only you will help out.
I am surprised by this e-mail. Mostly because I didn't know Thailand was a kingdom (I hadn't really thought about it, to be honest). What address journal did you get my e-mail address from? Why didn't it have a name to go with it?

>A few days ago, a UN Diplomat official Mr. Wayne B. Robinson arrived in United
>States to deliver two consignment boxes containing the sum of US$18.5 Million
>United States Dollars to my client's "Mrs. Debra Edward" of 1776 N 9th ST., De
>Queen, AR, 71832,USA. Unfortunately all attempts to contact "Mrs. Debra Edward"
>have been unsuccessful Since last week which we later Yesterday found out that
>she Died on few days back based on her cancer problem which she has been
>complaining to me over two years now about her cancer illness and the diplomat
>Mr. Wayne Robinson is completely unaware of the content of the boxes, and the
>diplomat Mr. Wayne Robinson is planning to leave the consignment boxes at the
>Airport warehouse with Customs/Homeland security officials to proceed with his
>diplomatic mission abroad. My client "Mrs. Debra Edward" had earlier told the
>Diplomat Mr. Wayne Robinson that the consignment boxes contained company
>materials and documents for the security of
>the US$18.5 Million United State
Okay, the address is real, but is probably from someone who these people scammed before. No clue who "Mrs. Debra Edward" is though. What is up with the random capitalization? For the security of the US$18.5 Million United State what?

>Because of this sudden death of My client "Mrs. Debra Edward" and the need for
>your assistance to claim the funds consignment boxes from the diplomat Mr. Wayne
>Robinson in United States right now, I am offering you 35% of the said funds
>amount for your willingness to act as the new recipient/beneficiary to the
>boxes and then help us receive and keep the boxes safe in your care pending on
>when I Barrister Ralph Brimly will arrive United States to meet with you
>immediately after the delivery of the funds consignment boxes to you by the
>diplomat Mr. Wayne Robinson.
Where is Mr. Wayne Robinson from? That name seems fairly American or English for an e-mail from Thailand. So, for holding on to these boxes, for apparently a few minutes (they did say immediately), I get 35%? Wow. Why doesn't Barrister Ralph Brimly pick up these boxes from Mr. Wayne Robinson? Wouldn't you get to keep more of the money that way?

>As soon as you respond indicating your interest, I will proceed to inform you
>about the consignment details and on how to esterblish communication with the
>diplomat Mr. Wayne Robinson in United States of America,
So, if I wait a year, you can still give me those details? Also, why is the last sentence ended with a comma?

>Please get back to me with your below contact details.
Maybe next year, when things seem less stressful.

>Full Names: Ranchero Casserole Smith
>Full Contact Address: 12345 E. Main St, Omaha, Ne 12345
>Direct Telephone Numbers: 1(555)234-6789
>Age: 905, but I look about 30
>Occupation: Millionaire Playboy
>Nationality: Neptunian (it sure is hot here)
I'm supposed to have more than one full name? (Did you like my silly answers?)

>I will furnish you with more detail of the diplomat and the consignment funds
>boxes details which will be kept confidential to yourself alone.
But I want to share the details with everyone. Darn, does this mean I can't get the 35%?

Mistaken for caring,

>Ralph Brimly Esq.
M.A. Smith a.k.a. Ranchero Casserole Smith (for this e-mail only)
Um... Isn't Ralph Brimly the one who is supposed to be getting the boxes from me? Now I'm just all manner of confused about this e-mail.
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