Saturday, January 21, 2012

Home Early

Yesterday, I just felt terrible emotionally when I got home from work. I was taking a few things far more personally than I probably should have. It was just a bad day for me. And it wasn't helped by an unexpected shopping trip right after work.

Today, I ended up home from work early. I wasn't feeling great physically (hopefully it's just something minor and is mostly my body rebelling at being forced to get up early and sit somewhere else). There had already been someone else who came in feeling fine and then had to leave because she didn't feel good today. The boss was concerned that something might be making it's way through the call center.

I held out until lunch, which I ate as soon as possible. But, as I was eating, it was obvious that my icky feelings weren't just related to skipping breakfast and my period trying to start. So, here I am at home, resting and hopefully feeling just fine again tomorrow so I can work Monday (I did promise that if I wasn't feeling well Monday, I'd stay home and call in sick, because my boss was obviously worried about me coming back too soon and getting other people sick).

Before I left, while grabbing my coat, hat, and purse, I wiped stuff down with a Clorox wipe to kill any germs. It was a good just-in-case thing to do, and I wasn't feeling quite so bad that it was too much to ask of me.

And now, I'm thinking of taking a nap. Because my body obviously needs the rest.
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