Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just Be Honest

Ace and I are getting a bit frustrated with his job. When he was interviewed, there were certain promises made. During training, there were promises made.

Over 6 weeks later, none of those promises have been kept. Instead there are excuses as to why they can't be kept or caveats added to get those promises kept. Ace has been left to flounder until he either improves or quits.

Ace and I aren't asking them to magically make his life easy. We recognize that insurance sales is a business that takes time to grow. We think we've got fairly reasonable expectations. But we're both tired of people in the management part of the insurance business lying to us about what they can and will do.

If you aren't going to do X unless I do Y, tell me up front. Then I can make a better call as to if I can afford to do Y to get X. I can make a decision about whether or not my family can afford income coming from a commission only job or if we need to focus on finding steady income.

It's all a big headache and it's way more involved than my few brief words here. Ace and I will probably be having a long talk later. We need to figure out what we need the two of us to do. Most likely, I will be working a temp job (for tax accountants) the next few months (I should find out tomorrow). But everything is up in the air today.

Bosses of the world, please be honest with potential employees. Let them have all the facts so they can make the right decision for their families. I realize that may leave you with open spaces longer than you would like, but wouldn't you rather have the right person in the job than just the first available person who expects things (that you promised) that you can't or won't give them?
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