Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things Get Better

After my second day of work, I'm feeling less stressed about the whole thing. And oddly enough, it was after spending the day doing something that normally makes me freeze mentally.

Right now, we're calling clients to invite them to come back and have us do their taxes. I HATE making phone calls. I can answer the phone with no problems, but you want me to dial and talk? Um, no.

Except, when I'm making calls for a business, it's no big deal (Why yes, I am complicated and somewhat weird, what of it?). Who cares if these people aren't interested? They aren't rejecting me as a person, they just aren't interested in this company. It's this weird mental switch that gets thrown that makes things all right.

Today went much better. It helps that I wasn't getting overloaded with information. And there were plenty of people around for me to ask questions if I needed to. I was also able to take a few minutes and stretch more often, so my back doesn't hurt (at least not like it did Monday).

I'm not sure I love this job, but I think I might actually like it some. And that is progress.

Now if I can just figure out how to get over my intense issues with calling people for personal reasons (I'm pretty sure my dad would love to talk to me more often than just when I can come visit, but dialing that phone seems impossible).
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