Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Maybe You Should Take Some Chocolate with You"

I love Ace. He's a wonderful husband. I don't think I'll be taking his latest advice though.

After I got home, after a day that felt long, I wanted some chocolate. To help drop the stress off some. Ace suggested I take some chocolate with me to work. If I did, I'm pretty sure it'd be gone with my lunch. And it's not like my day is that stressful, it's just been busy.

People are starting to call in to check on their refunds. I spent most of the first hour I was at work answering questions about refunds. I'm beginning to get tired of hearing the word refund. And I still have lots of tax season to go. (Yay! *starts crying*)

I'm not actually that frustrated with work, I'm just not happy with the one or two people each day that feel like bitching me out because they are frustrated or stressed. Part of me wants to yell at them that I'm human too and I have times that are frustrating, but I deserve better treatment than they are currently giving me. Instead, I try to gracefully finish the call and then blow off frustration by talking with co-workers.

But while I won't be taking chocolate to work with me, I will enjoy it when I get home. It's a wonderful ending to a long day answering the phone.
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