Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's a Bright Year

Despite the fact that we've only had 9 full days so far this year, this has been the best year so far.

Ace finally has people at his office over him that care about helping him to succeed in insurance sales. They are impressed by the time he's put into learning things on his own and they want to see him do well. It's been a change from the last boss he had (at the same office) who didn't seem to care about him at all.

Today, I filled out paperwork for a job. There was no interview, other than asking if I was still interested. I'll hear back Thursday as to when I'll be working next week, provided everything goes through smoothly (either way, I'll hear back Thursday). I'm going to relax and not think about it for now. I'll get to wear jeans to work, something that thrills me completely.

These two things should provide Ace and I a good chance to actually make enough money to move out in the reasonably near future. Not only that, but last night I had a fairly fun evening out with my in-laws (something that was almost a miracle).

While Ace and I had a bad day last Wednesday, when problems Ace had at work came to a breaking point at the time, we've had great year so far. Things have been going well and we are just feeling like this is our year. And for that, we are extremely grateful.
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