Friday, April 24, 2009

The Case of the Missing Deodorant

Or A Matter of Perspective

Yesterday, Ace and I were about to go do our grocery shopping. That necessitated the addition of deodorant to my person (additional deodorant, actually).

I went to the bedroom, where I keep my deodorant. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it. Then I went to look on my dining room table, because I remembered having set it there temporarily a few days earlier. But, it wasn't there.

On the plus side, we keep some toiletries packed up for when we go on trips, so I got into that and put on some deodorant, so the main issue was addressed. Plus, with going to do our shopping, we could buy me some more deodorant.

Then Ace walked into the bedroom, looked on the dresser, and announced that my deodorant was on the dresser. I walked back into the bedroom and couldn't see the deodorant. Then he pointed out where it had gotten pushed to.

From the angle I was looking, it was completely blocked from view. So the whole thing ended up just being a matter of perspective.

And then we bought me some more deodorant while we were at the store so that this wouldn't happen again anytime soon.

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