Thursday, April 23, 2009

Craziness Insued

So, Tuesday I got a massage. My back felt so nice afterward.

Just as I started feeling good, Ace started fighting off what was probably a sinus infection. Other than a somewhat stuffy nose and a desire to blow his nose a lot, he's feeling much better now.

It was odd. I went from the least healthy member of this family to the healthiest in one hour (Guillermo wasn't feeling well earlier this week either). So, it's been a little crazy around the house.

Today, Ace was finally feeling well enough for us to go do our grocery shopping. Plus, we were both well enough for me to do a load of dishes (Although, my back was a little sore when I finished loading the dishwasher, so I was happy to get back to sitting down shortly afterward.) which had been terribly been neglected for the past week.

So, instead of writing insightful posts, I've been busy trying to make sure that Ace was getting better (if he says differently, don't believe him, I was just cleverly making sure he was better while looking like I was just sitting around doing nothing in particular).

Hopefully I'll be back with a better post soon.
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