Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who is that Man?

Ace asked me a good question once (okay, he's asked me lots of good questions, but I only want to talk about a particular question).

We were watching TV, a common habit in this household, and some ad came on with Billy Mays (Oxiclean, I think). And Ace looked over at me and asked "Who is Billy Mays? I mean, other than the guy in the commercial."

I had no idea. I still don't, but it's odd to me that he starts off every commercial he's in saying "I'm Billy Mays." It's all well and good that he's Billy Mays, but why should his endorsement entice me to buy a product when all I know is his name and that he talks in a fairly loud voice? It's not like he's Walter Cronkite (not that I remember Walter Cronkite, but he has been named the most trusted man in America. Bonus fact, he's still alive!).

Can you give me a good reason to trust Billy Mays? Or should I just keep ignoring him?
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