Sunday, April 26, 2009

If I Twittered

If I twittered, these might have been my messages this afternoon.

3:20 Let dog outside. Going to watch Baby Mama.

4:30 Remembered dog is outside. Going to let him back in, then finish my movie.

4:35 Dog is in neighbor's yard, again. Am very frustrated. Called Ace and left a message.

4:40 Dog won't go back under the fence and into our yard for me.

4:55 Giving up on trying to coax dog back under the fence. Going to go back to the movie.

6:00 Ace calling on his way home. Will let him know about dog.

6:10 Ace got dog back home. Is my hero. Dog is punished for being bad.

Two days in a row, Guillermo had decided to get into the neighbor's yard (we aren't sure how, but he's obviously being coaxed over as he has to be coaxed back). We are frustrated and he now isn't allowed alone in the back yard until we get the fence fixed so that it won't be a problem any more. And it's frustrating because he wanted to go out so many times today. And him being where I couldn't get him back caused me to tear up a few times.
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