Monday, April 20, 2009

Shifting Plans

Today, my friend/therapist/massage therapist Karen called me up and asked if she could borrow Guillermo for a couple of weeks. There have been some things happening that made her uncomfortable and she wanted a little more protection around her house. She did insist, since she called while Ace was at work, that I wait and confer with Ace before giving her an answer.

Of course, we said yes. We want her to feel safe in her own home and while Guillermo might not be a guard dog, he would at least warn off bad guys by barking. Since she is living with her mother (who had originally agreed to this plan), she had to make sure her mother would be home to watch her kids (Jack and Jill) while she came by to pick Guillermo up.

Around 9, she sent me a few text messages saying that her mother had changed her mind about Guillermo being there. But since her kids were so excited about seeing Guillermo (as he used to be their dog), she wants to bring them by tomorrow to see him. Of course, that is perfectly fine with me.

And, to add to the oddness of the day, one of our neighbors came by and told us that the pit bull next door (the one who barks at anything in his yard and ours and has gotten Guillermo to bark) got lose from his chain and got out of his fenced yard and bit a child. In the morning, the dog is being taken away (We don't know for how long, but we're hoping it won't be back. Also, the neighbors don't know it's happening, so don't tell them.). Hearing that, I'm actually happy that I haven't spent all that much time outside since the neighbors moved in (not that I was outdoors much before that, but still). Hopefully their little dogs will also be kept up with better now too, as Ace has almost hit one when it randomly darted out into the street (plus, they keep coming into our yard for no reason other than to bark at the kids playing outside).

I'm hoping that the kid that was bitten is okay. Recently, with the warm weather, the younger kids of the neighborhood have been playing outside (something that is only slightly annoying when Ace and I want to go somewhere/come home and they are in our driveway, otherwise we don't really care). My main reason for wishing the dog won't come back is for the safety of those kids (although, I won't miss the barking). They should be able to play outside without worrying that a fenced in dog is going to get out and bite them. I'm happy that the worst Guillermo would do is accidentally knock them over in his excitement to possibly play fetch (not that he's allowed out unsupervised, but still).

Hopefully, after Tuesday when Karen gives me a massage, I'll be feeling better and will come back and write more (I haven't really wanted to post a lot of posts about my back hurting this past week, so I just haven't posted).

And now, I think I'll head to bed.

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