Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Weeks End Well

While I'm still waiting to hear from anyone wanting to offer me a job, I have had other good things happening this week.

Ace and I went to look at the outside of a house we might possibly want to buy (maybe) if things go the right way. (No, I couldn't keep from making a definitive statement more if I tried.)

We also went by Home Depot and got some stuff to kill our ants and some wood strips to keep my massage chair from rolling off the back of the box that it sits on so that it will be the same height as a normal chair (it's much nicer now that it's at normal height, and now I shouldn't have issues with the chair trying to fall over the back of the box).

And yesterday, after being aware that I could free up some space on my laptop by deleting World of Warcraft (I was having issues with it not running right, so now I'll just play on Ace's computer when I want to play) off my computer. Then I fixed my DVD drive (my computer wasn't recognizing it, but it does now). And then I added a bunch of games I had been forced to remove to be able to run World of Warcraft. So, I'm all happy about having more games available to play.

All of that made for a nice end of the week for me. Now if I could just hear from someone about a job... Maybe next week.
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