Thursday, April 2, 2009


A little while ago, I was feeling like I had butterfingers.

I walked into the living room and went to sit down. I put my food down on my tray, and moved around my footstool to my chair. Then, I lost my balance some and fell into the arm of my massage chair (which is up on a block, but can go sliding off if bumped). Of course, falling like that bumped my chair enough that it wasn't as solid on the block and as I put my weight a bit more on the back it started sliding off.

So, I get up, step over my footstool, walk around my tray, put my chair back up firmly and then, somehow, manage to spill most of my cup of juice all over the floor. Nicely I avoided hitting my laptop, mouse, and cell phone completely. Guillermo came over right away and started licking up the juice (it's now mostly just a big wet spot on the floor). Ace moved quickly and took care of cleaning the juice off my tray while I sat out of the way and tried to decide if I should laugh or cry.

Then, Ace gave me a couple of hugs and reminded me that it wasn't that bad a spill.

But I still feel kind of foolish about the whole thing. I'm just glad the butterfinger problem doesn't pop up very often.

Now, if only I could get a good night's sleep so I don't feel quite so tired all the time (which contributed to the butterfinger episode earlier, I'm sure).

And now I'm going to enjoy some ice cream and some Tom and Jerry.

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