Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Excitement in Cooking

Today Ace did some cooking, but unfortunately for him, he made a few mistakes.

He made us a cake, but he forgot to grease the cake pan. So, when he went to take the cake out of the pan, some of it stuck.

Then he went to bake the ham we bought, but he was off on his math (which I didn't notice, because I was just wanting to go sit back down as my back has been sore most of the day). So, when we ate dinner, we had cool ham. Which wasn't really a problem since the meat was already cooked, but made for a great thing to tease Ace about.

Then he asked if I was going to write about it, which was a silly question. I countered with question if he was going to write about it, another silly question. So, here I am writing about his cooking mistakes and he's on his laptop playing World of Warcraft. He did try to claim that he's a guy, so he doesn't do much cooking, but that doesn't play because he does most of the cooking in this house.

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