Saturday, March 7, 2009

On Oranges

Right now, I am eating an orange a day. I didn't set out to start eating an orange everyday, but it's been working out that I have been. And for now, it works.

Ace is happy with my current fruit of choice, as oranges are not that expensive. I'm happy because they taste good, are good for me, and are satisfying an craving for oranges (which I never expected to have).

(I'm trying hard right now to focus on things like my enjoying oranges and not me starting my period today. It doesn't quite seem to be working.)

I've gotten pretty good at peeling the oranges quickly and then spend my time on enjoying the orange itself. It's become my own little pre-bed ritual. Sometime near my bed time, I eat an orange. Not a long ritual, granted, but it's mine.

(Is all this talk about oranges working for you?)

(Me either.)

(I'm going to go now.)

Well, I've got things to do. Plus, I think this post has lost it's point.

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