Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

You don't mind me calling you Taylor do you? You seem like such a sweet girl, so I doubt that it's a big issue (if you do care, let me know).

Tonight, I saw the episode of CSI that you did. I was very impressed. You did well. It was interesting to see how they had your character change through the year, with a different look each time she was seen.

I love your songs. Whenever one comes on that I know, I sing along (which is so totally not fair to your wonderful voice). It reminds me of being a teenager and trying to fit in/find love. And I think those songs will take you far.

I'm just hoping you stay on top of your career and around trustworthy people, because I'd hate to see the stresses of fame cause problems. I also hope you don't take any criticism too seriously, because there are people out in the world that will say hateful things because they are jealous. I don't understand those thought patterns (you being talented doesn't take anything away from me, so I just enjoy the fact that you are able to share your talent with the world).

I'm impressed with many of the decisions you and your family have made. You dress well while still being appropriately covered. You seem to know that teens and pre-teens are looking up to you, and it shows that you care when you make sure you are a good example of how to dress and act in public. And for this I appreciate you all the more. You do all the right things and avoid all the wrong things, which is something that most girls your age seem to struggle with. And that encourages me to follow your career so that I can show my future children that they can do what they love and not bend just to follow others examples.

So, as a future mother, I just really want to say, "Thank you, Taylor Swift. Thank you for being a good example, and for making that important in your life. I know it's not always easy, but it is important and people do appreciate you for doing so."

And as a fan of your music, I say, "Keep them coming, please."


M.A. Smith

P.S.: I love Our Song and Love Story. I'm also impressed that you write or co-write all of your songs.
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