Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 1

Today, I survived my first day of jury duty.

Actually, it wasn't that bad overall. I ended up reading the first third of Pride and Prejudice (and now that I'm used to the writing style, it is totally a good read and if the next two days end up like this one, I'll finish it quickly). I did not get called up to any jury pools.

But, on my way home, I got stressed out about the traffic I was driving through. It was partly because I was tired and just ready to be home and partly because Ace and I didn't have good enough communication between us for me to know that he was already home and I could just drive straight here.

On the plus side, for the next three days, transportation is not my concern. Ace will be driving me to and from the courthouse. All I have to do is sit there and read (unless I get called up to a jury pool, then I'll have other things to do for at least a little while).

But it would be nice if, when I got home tomorrow, I had nice things to greet me (other than a huge hug from Ace, because that is a given).

And if you have any tips on how not to get stressed when driving, I'm all for reading them.

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