Friday, March 6, 2009

And The Wackiness Changes Course Again

Because I was just starting to get used to not being exhausted, today I'd like to take a nap. Although, I didn't quite feel like sleeping from the moment I woke up. There has been some pieces of the day today where I felt awake.

The most important parts that I was awake for were when I was separating out our ground beef for freezing and eating later (over 9.5 pounds of meat, we won't run out for a while) and applying for a job. I also got half the dining room table cleaned back off to separate out the meat.

On the job application part, they asked me to apply after seeing my resume online! That bodes a lot better than someone who I'm chasing down. Also, they will pay what Ace and I were hoping I could get, so it's promising... and would feel more so, if I didn't have jury duty next week.

But, we are thinking positively right now. This will go somewhere and jury duty won't be a problem.

Have I mentioned that I'm feeling less stressed now? Yesterday, with all the energy and sunny warmness distracting me, I forgot to mention that my stress over jury duty seems to have disappeared. I am wondering, though, if the people who work for the court system ever get called up for jury duty.

In addition to feeling somewhat sleepy again, I'm also getting all mood swingy too. My emotions have been set to roller coaster, I think. I think roughly knowing what's going to happen next week is part of what has me less stressed, but it's got me thinking of other things like, will I have to go to the court house next Friday (please say I'll be done by then)?

But, Jenna getting upset by someone (and being slightly vague about who) left me worried that I said something stupid and hurt her (I didn't). And that possibility, and the fact that she felt hurt, got me feeling all upset that she was upset yesterday (Jenna, don't you dare feel bad that I got upset, or we'll never get out of this stupid cycle). But, some cuddle time with my teddy bear, and some music, have helped me feel better. The only positive thing out of that situation is that I realized that my emotions are going slightly wild.

Well, now that I've talked for a long time over what amounts to very little, I'll go.

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