Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Hate My House!

Okay, to be perfectly honest, I don't completely hate my house. But there are things about it that I hate.

Right now, the plumbing is my biggest issue. Something is keeping my kitchen sink from draining properly, and this is most evident when we load/run the dishwasher. When loading the dishwasher, I have to wait at least 30 minutes for the sinks to empty out again so I can run the dishwasher. When I run the dishwasher, there better not be anything in the sinks, as they fill nearly full with water draining from the dishwasher.

In the one bathroom we use, the sink also has minor drainage problems. It fills up a bit while the water is running, but clears out quickly afterward. The tub has no drainage problems currently. It drains quickly and I've noticed that I'm never standing in water up to my ankles during a shower (that's happened before).

I want to move. This house no longer feels like my home. But for now, I'm stuck here and I hate things about this house.

But I can deal with them, and at least they don't stress me out.

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