Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Brief Moment of Levity

Today has been an up and down day. Ace passed his test, which is great, but his dad ended up being in an accident (the guy tried to blame my father-in-law, but he was at fault, as the witnesses said). We got to see a friend and he helped fix a few things about our room to make it better while we're here, but Ace's mother decided that plain leftovers from yesterday weren't good enough and ended up making something with some of the hot dogs that I didn't like for dinner (again, which makes me feel a little like she's trying to slowly starve me to death). And I managed to burst some blood vessels in my tongue trying to drink a shake, so it was a really mixed day.

Anyway, after all this, Ace and I needed something light hearted today. And it came when we were talking on the bed.

Me: Congratulations on passing your test.
Ace: Thank you.
Me: And on getting a job.
Ace: You're welcome.
Me & Ace: (copious amounts of laughter).

And then, about 5 minutes later, after some other randomness, I said, "You're welcome and thank you." And then we laughed again. Then, "This is going on my blog."
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