Friday, July 9, 2010

Give and Take

After venting yesterday, I feel a need to point out that Ace is almost nothing like his parents. And the longer we live here, the more obvious that fact is.

Today, Ace needed us get a DVD player for him to get ready for Monday when he starts training at his new office. We got up, got dressed, and left to go looking for a good, used, portable DVD player (5 hours of some guy talking about leads, not something he wants to take over his parents TV or one of our laptops with). While we were out, we got breakfast for tomorrow (donuts, yum) and some energy drinks to help us stay awake tomorrow morning (his mother wants the garage sale to start at 8 a.m., most of this household is still in bed at 8 a.m. currently, so at least Ace and I will need something to help us stay awake).

After we got back, we found out that his mother cried when his father called to mention he would be a little late because we didn't leave a note when we left and she couldn't do everything on her own. She has our cell phone number programmed into her phone (I programmed it, so I know she has it, under Ace's name), but she never called us to find out what we were doing or if we could come back and help her. She just got frustrated and Ace got scolded as if he had done something wrong when he hadn't.

Ace spent most of the time we were gone trying to get something to start his training and thinking ahead and planning for tomorrow. His mother didn't use her head to remember that she had a cell phone with the number of the people she thought would help her (with only a little notice).

Last night, Ace and I went to the store to buy some ketchup (and get me out of the house for a while). We started discussing our plans on paying off our debts and potential investments. Because I didn't feel comfortable with Ace's first thought on how we would pay off our debts, he came up with another plan within 5 minutes that I was cool with and would help us not only be debt free (or nearly debt free) within the next 2 years, but would also allow us to start building up our net worth at the same time. A plan that made BOTH of us happy.

That's the kind of guy Ace is. He tries to find solutions that will satisfy more than just one person when possible. His parents usually end up only satisfying only one of them, which seems like it would be less satisfying to me.

And now I'm going to go. I've got things to do besides thinking about my in-laws (as if they would let me forget them right now!).

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