Monday, July 5, 2010

Try Again

It's been a little slow lately. Okay, that's not the full truth. I've been moving slow lately. I've felt kind of icky the past 24+ hours. My head has been a little light headed. My stomach has rejected most foods for most of that time (until about 6 pm, when my stomach decided to be fine overall).

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring. But I know that it will give me the opportunity to try things again.

Ace has been studying for his test. He has been taking practice tests, and is doing better each time (with studying the parts he's been missing between tests). The last practice test he passed. His main frustration is that on some questions, the answers he's giving are probably right, but they are marked as wrong (one was totally right and marked as wrong, a situation that's messed up).

Tuesday, he'll take the real test. If he doesn't pass (not very likely at this point), he'll get a chance to try again.

Hopefully tomorrow the time will go by much faster and Tuesday Ace will pass his test with flying colors. If not, we will both get a chance to try again.
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