Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Huge... Tracts of Land

Today, I went and got fitted for a bra. It had been over 5 years since I last got measured. I am now wearing a 38G. It's a jump up on band size, but now "the ladies" as they are called (they are too big to be girls) are sitting where they are supposed to.

We also ordered 3 more bras (we've only bought one for now, as our finances and the store's stock dictated), which we should be able to get over the next two months, and will probably order more after that to get me enough to last a full week.

I'm sure that there will be a time of adjustment as I get used to the new location of the ladies. My back will have to adjust to feeling less stress (yay!). I'll have to adjust to the tightness of the band (I can still easily breathe, but it is snugger than my old bras are). But all of that is worth it, especially since these bras are affordable, in my size, and come in some colors besides just white (nude, black, red, and mocha... I've ordered another white, a nude, and a black for now).

Ace is ready for some alone time, I'm just ready for my body to be adjusted to the new sensations. But, now I know my current bra size. I know where to go if I lose weight and need new bras, or get pregnant and need nursing bras. And I know that they can work with me on ordering bras and paying for them as my finances allow, which is wonderful for now and hopefully won't be needed in the future. And I feel comfortable enough with them to come back to Tulsa for new bras when we eventually move back to Springfield.

If you live in Tulsa and need a bra, head to the Bust Stop. (I did not get paid anything for this, I'm just really impressed with their service. Although, if they do want to pay me in bras, we can work something out.)
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