Monday, July 5, 2010

It's July, Of Course It's Hot!

Today, we had the cookout. Technically, it's not over yet, as there are still people here who came for the cookout, but all the social aspects have pretty much petered out.

Because this was all about my mother-in-law, we had to eat outside. When I get hot, I stop eating (because my stomach tells me it's full, even when it's not, to avoid emptying itself). My father-in-law has a heart condition that gets aggravated by the heat, but he was in charge of grilling outside before we all ate outside (which was probably a bit much, but he seems to be doing fairly well).

Not surprisingly, before I was finished with the food on my plate (a hamburger and 3 deviled eggs, so not much), I was done. Before Ace was finished with his food, I was ready to come back inside (he had a bite of his hamburger left, I let him finish before making him move to let me out). I then stretched out for a little bit on the couch (with fans on) before realizing that I should move to the bed to be more out of the way (instead of taking up the whole couch when there is limited seating in the living room).

Nicely I've cooled off. I finished my hamburger. The only one besides Ace to show concern that I wasn't feeling well was our niece (although, my father-in-law did ask after I got up this morning how I was doing, which was nice of him).

My mother-in-law thought that one fan would cool everybody off enough to eat outside in July. The air from it never felt particularly cool, just less hot. And while the heat alone would not have been bad, the humidity added to the heat was more than my body could handle. If I had been fine yesterday, I would probably had done better today. Probably.

Basically, no one (but my mother-in-law, and maybe my niece) really wanted to eat outside, but we did anyway (to please my mother-in-law). And now I'd like to torch her tea house (but I won't) to keep this from ever happening again (which it probably will, adding to the list of reasons why I don't like celebrating anything with my in-laws).

And now I'm off to do something elsewhere that will hopefully lead to less whining on my part.
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