Saturday, July 17, 2010


I've got things to talk about. Lots of words to type up and put out into the world. But not today. Today, I'm tired and I'm not going to write all these things while tired. I'm fairly sure I would mix my message up and everything would be all jumbled and not make sense.

Tomorrow, I'll go over my notes from earlier today. Notes about marriage and relationships and I'll write what I feel the need to say. I'll sit and write and tomorrow, I'll have a great post.

Today, I'm going to try to read on a book from the library. I'm going to relax and remind myself that all those things I want to say will come out more clearly tomorrow. I'll remind myself that I'll get my squishy piggy (that I sleep with) back tomorrow and that there is a reason why I don't normally take her on trips (I might forget to bring her back, like I did today).

Tomorrow should be another good day, as today has been. Tomorrow has a world of possibilities to it. I'm kind of looking forward to tomorrow.
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