Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Garage Sale

Today is the day of the big, talked about garage sale. I don't think it's going well, but it's hard for me to judge since I'm inside, away from the garage sale (last I heard, 1 drive by and 1 guy trying to kill some time are all who've been here).

I tried people, I really did. I got up shortly after 7, I got dressed, fed, and outside by 8, and was back in the house shortly after 9. And I made a run to a local convenience station to get myself some Sprite in between going out to the garage and coming back in the house.

It doesn't help that my stomach has been somewhat touchy all week. Nor does it help that the donuts this morning were fine, but the energy drink made my stomach feel icky. So, I grabbed some saltines (which are still near me) and some peppermints (I'm currently sucking on one) and tried to will myself to be okay for the morning. As you can see, it didn't really work.

My stomach keeps violently suggesting that it would feel ever so much better if I empty it. I somehow doubt this is the case. I did let Ace know that he could come get me if they get a rush, but I'm not expecting to be needed, as no one seems to be interested in all these teaching supplies my mother-in-law has.

Hopefully, this means that at noon, Ace and I can go to our friends' house and help them with what they need and I can relax for the rest of the weekend (with a happier stomach, I hope). Hopefully, my mother-in-law will find another way to get rid of all this stuff (like donate it to a school) instead of keeping it here (this is probably less likely than my weekend relaxation plans).

On the plus side, Ace did apologize for making me go get my own drinks (he would have, but his parents didn't seem to understand that he should take care of his wife's stomach before helping with their garage sale). He was worried that I was pissed with him (I wasn't). That man genuinely loves me (not something I'm surprised about, but it sometimes needs to be said).

I'm off to find something else to look at while waiting for something exciting to happen.
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