Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 19

Today, I am thankful for my new pillow.

Ace and I had been using pillows my in-laws had (fairly old pillows) since we moved in here in April. Recently, we decided that we could treat ourselves to new pillows (ones we'll probably take with us when we move out).

It's nice to have a pillow that's only been mine again. Ace and I, in our rush to move, forgot to grab our pillows (We kept the mattress, forgot the pillows. True story.). Before we bought these pillows, it had been over a year of using other people's pillows.

My pillow is a memory foam pillow. Our mattress, the one waiting in my dad's garage for us to come claim again, is a memory foam mattress. I miss our mattress and am glad that I can at least have a pillow similar to the one I lost last year. It's a small piece of starting to fully put my life back on track.
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