Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 21

Today, I am thankful for my sister.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I'm thinking of my family lately. Especially my sister. My sister has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. I've seen her give of herself when she didn't have to. She offered to help Ace and I last year when we had our big, unplanned move (in order to let us keep a few more things than just what we could fit in our car).

This offer was after picking me up and then dropping me back off at my old house so that all three of us siblings could go see our dad to see that he was fine after his accident (she dropped me off and then drove back to Tulsa from OKC the next morning after probably not enough sleep). This was a trip that she coordinated. She offered to let me sleep on the one free bed available when we got there too.

I wish she and I could spend more time with each other. We love each other dearly. I know that we get along so much better now that we no longer live together (especially since we don't share a room). We miss each other and both wish we lived closer together. My sister shows me what kind of person I could be, if I would just stop focusing on myself so much. She's one of my heroes, even though she's 10 years younger than I am.

One of my favorite pictures of my sister and I is from when she was 2 and I was 12. We're playing doctor. I'm all dressed up in a dress (probably for church) and she's still in her nightgown. There's a glare or something, it's hard to determine what without the physical picture. The picture isn't perfect, but it's just such a sweet moment in time. It's two sisters, despite their age gap, playing together. It's something I wish I remembered from back then. I wish I knew what happened next.
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