Friday, May 25, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah

So, while my internet connection is great, my vacation isn't going as well as I would like. Ace is spending most of his time at his conference, which is what I expected. I went to the pool today, but left after 30 minutes because I apparently can't stand more than 5 minutes of stupid chatter from a bride-to-be. She was talking, with her friends, about where they were going later to party. I wondered why they felt the need to talk about it by the pool instead of inside the hotel. I decided to leave and shower, since I actually swam, and see about getting the maids to clean the room. Ace mentioned that I could have swam laps, or just moved, but I was not in the mood to move. I liked the spot I was laying out in the sun in. I definitely am not more tan than I was before.

Ace got slightly frustrated with me because the one night he actually kind of has off, I decide to take an interest in our files (which will be going back to Tulsa with us). Of course, he didn't mention that he would like me to put down the files (I was looking for something to do, because he was busy online on my computer), and I am not a mind reader. I think he was disappointed that I was interested in what he was learning when he was interested in sex. Which is slightly frustrating to me, because I finally show some real interest in some part of real estate that he is also interested in and he is upset with me because of it. The messages he wants to send are crossed, because he wants me to be interested in the real estate.

On the plus side for me, tonight I got to enjoy some ravioli and cheesecake, and we found a place that will be able to deliver our lunch tomorrow (which will probably also be our dinner).

I am hoping to have a much better day tomorrow.

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