Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thinking and Talking

Ace and I have been discussing what my opinions are if we don't get me pregnant sometime in the (and then it trails off to ... with no time frame suggested). I am pushing for us to adopt. I'd currently prefer not to have to deal with medicine and testing just so that I have children that are made up of DNA that they share with both of us. Ace is okay with either option, but I currently feel that if it doesn't show up as a problem with anything but his sperm I will feel like there is something wrong with me even if no problem is found. So, I will wait until I feel like it's time to just move on to adoption if pregnancy doesn't happen. I have almost always had a plan to adopt at least one child, so I've already studied adoption out some (while in college, which is odd because who does that? Me, for a research paper).

And after Ace and I move into our new house, we will be getting a dog. That should help me some with the overly loud ticking clock that I hear (I'm only 26, I still have over a decade in which to get pregnant without it being considered high risk). Ace would, if I OKed it, get a dog tomorrow, I think. He wants to get a puppy more than I do, and I would really like to have one. And not just so I know I'll always have someone to talk to around the house, because that just seems sad.

Tomorrow, Ace goes to Kansas City for a seminar about real estate. I am staying home this time, partly because KC is not exactly a tourist destination. And I'm still adjusting to being back from Florida (I have laundry to fold and put away from that trip still). I'm going to spend the weekend watching comedy movies and reading Catch 22, which I started before our trip out of town (I'm sure the library would like it back soon). I may even get up enough energy and enthusiasm to clean the bathrooms in our current house, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that.

Well, I should probably get to my crossword puzzles, with a little reading on the side maybe, so I'll go to bed before it gets too late.

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