Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Greetings from Florida

We made it safely to Florida. It was a long day. We ate breakfast around 9:30 a.m. We got to our airport around 10:00 and made it through the security by 10:30. We got to board the plane around 11:10 and got to Memphis on time. We rushed to the gate for our connecting flight and made it with time to go to the bathroom between planes. We got to Florida by 3:55 (4:55 local time), which was only 15 minutes after it was supposed to get here. We actually had nothing to eat while on the way here, so we were rather hungry by the time we got dinner.

The hotel did not have any more king sized beds available today, so for tonight we are stuck in a room with 2 double beds (who puts double beds in a hotel room?). Tomorrow morning, while Ace is in his conference, I get to call down to the front desk to request a room change to a room with a king sized bed. So, we didn't get to unpack yet. I've got to do that tomorrow morning after moving our stuff. Yay!

Well, I'm going to go. I think I've said about all I can about this trip so far.

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