Monday, May 21, 2007

Hello All!

This is my new blog in which I am going to share my life anonymously. I have created a pseudonym for myself here. In other words, M.A. Smith is not my real name.

My husband, who wants to be called Ace, and I are trying to get pregnant. We've been trying for roughly a year and have made little headway. We aren't trying all that hard, just trying to time when it would be likely to when we have sex. That way, we still enjoy sex. We are still young enough to have several years for having children so there is no need to rush, but we are ready to start being parents.

Ace does real estate, which is great for him but bores me. I can follow along with what he has to say, but don't particularly care for it. I do know enough that if I had to take care of myself, I could do it with real estate (and his life insurance policy). He's happy to know that I love him WAY too much to ever try to kill him though.

My life currently revolves around taking care of the house, watching People's Court, and surfing the web (mostly reading blogs and fanfiction). When I'm not doing that, I'm probably watching a movie or playing Cashflow with Ace and his real estate group.

I'm going to go now. It's almost my bedtime.

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