Monday, May 4, 2009

Don't You Love Old Stories?

When I was around 4 (see, it's an old story... 24 years old), I had to have tubes put into my ears (from lots of ear infections, which had blocked up my ears). While they were doing that, they took out my adenoids. I'm not sure why my adenoids had to come out (something to do with me snoring?), but out they came. At the time, I was sleeping with a Strawberry Shortcake doll that breathed out a strawberry scented breath (seriously, SS was popular a long time ago). My mother did not appreciate the smell of my breath (from breathing in the strawberry scent and the somewhat nasty smell of the area where the adenoids had been) when she woke me up while I was healing.

In an unrelated story, I currently have a sore throat. If my sore throat were my only problem, I'd actually be sort of okay with the whole thing, but right now I'm feeling generally icky. Ace and I have a lunch date tomorrow with some of his co-workers (with an agreement that they won't talk about work, which I expect to last maybe 5 minutes as it is the biggest thing these people have in common, which should net most of the group free dessert from whoever brings up work first). And when I feel icky, I start disliking being around me as I seem to get kind of whiny. So tomorrow doesn't really look to be all that fun overall.

Anyway, someone cheer me up with a story from when you were young (it doesn't have to be related to disease). And then, when I feel better, I'll try to come up with a better story from my past (one that doesn't involve me feeling bad physically or having surgery, unless you really want to hear about that).

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