Friday, May 15, 2009

Tonight, The Dog's Name Is Mud

Ace and I spent most of this afternoon both at home and in the living room with Guillermo. Around 9, we went to do our grocery shopping.

Guess who couldn't wait to go to the bathroom while we were gone?

Right in front of where Ace sits, there is now a spot that is being treated to get rid of any stain and any smell. Ace plans on waiting up to scrub the spot one more time, then when the spot is dry, I get to vacuum it (Ace has work tomorrow and should already be in bed).

Why would Guillermo choose the only time he's been alone in a while to do something he knows better than to do?

At least it doesn't smell as bad as it did the last time something like this happened (although, he can't claim sickness as the reason this time either).
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