Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was looking at books on Amazon. To be more specific, I was looking at the Humor section (it's under entertainment). To my surprise, not so many flat out humorous books, but books that had some humor in them.

One of the books I came across was called "I Was a Better Mother Before I Had Kids", so I felt compelled to look into it. I read what I was allowed to read (not too much, but enough to know that I might be interested in it). Then I scrolled down to look at the other recommended books.

Why are there so many books trying to offer solutions to problems parents have with their kids? (I know... $$$) And why are so many parents turning to books to solve their problems? (I know... time)

But, I think the most important question is: Why are women still reluctant to admit that they aren't perfect all the time?

I ask because there are times I feel reluctant to admit that. Why does it seem like society at large looks down on me for admitting that I mess up from time to time? Am I blaming society for my inadequacies in dealing emotionally with mistakes and moving on?

Ace never makes me feel like I'm a terrible person because I make a mistake. But I know that I put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect all the time, something that can never happen. And the times I take that pressure off, I feel so relieved that I don't have to live to an impossible ideal (and interestingly, make fewer mistakes then).

I know that I won't find answers to most of my questions, but at least they are out there. And I'm working on myself by admitting that I'm not perfect, and that I need to remember that more often so I have less stress.

But why is this still an issue?
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