Monday, July 6, 2009

Hormones Abound

Earlier, my hormones have decided to manifest as a queasy stomach.

While that is nicer than getting angry with the dog for no reason, it's not exactly fun. After all, who wants to feel a desire to throw up?

So, I'm trying to keep my stomach as happy as possible (while still remaining as quiet as possible, as it's after Ace's bedtime and he has work tomorrow).

Well, I'm off to find something to help settle my stomach, right after I visit the bathroom.

And I'm trying not to read anything into any pregnancy symptoms I feel, as they seem to pop up right before my period starts (although, I'm sleeping way more than normal, feeling queasy, having random mood swings, and peeing more than usual, all of which are related to pregnancy, but are mostly also related to the hormone progesterone which is released after ovulation to foster pregnancy/signal the beginning of a period) (yes, I have been studying up on my reproductive cycle).

Okay, seriously, I'm off now.

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