Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Real!

Earlier (I say this, because I'm typing this a few minutes after midnight, but it doesn't feel like it's Saturday to me yet as I haven't gone to bed and slept yet), Ace and I went to go shopping at a wholesale club (we like stocking up on stuff there). He was looking over the list before we left.

Ace: Toilet paper! Real toilet paper!
M: So, we've been using fake toilet paper?
Ace: Imitation toilet paper.

In reality, we've been using real toilet paper, it's just not quite what he was wanting. So, with one request to not get one particular brand, I told him that he could pick out whichever toilet paper he wanted.

I think he's now satisfied with the toilet paper awaiting use, even if it wasn't exactly what he wanted when we left to go shopping.

I love my slightly quirky husband (of course, I'm a lot quirkier than he is).
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