Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Do You Mean This Doesn't Update Itself?

Okay, so after getting all talkative and posting several days in a row, I went silent for a few days.

But, I've been doing... well, nothing is what I've been doing. Until today.

Today, I:
1. Caught up on pop culture. So very important, right?
2. Cleaned my bedroom. Or at least reorganized my bed room a bit.
3. Have fought off taking a nap so that I will sleep tonight.

Today, I plan on:
1. Reading another chapter of Lord of the Rings (I've got the hobbits in Rivendell and today I read about the council meeting).
2. Cleaning the living room.
3. Possibly give in and take a nap so I stop feeling quite so tired.

So, yeah. Today, I'm getting organized, tomorrow I'm doing laundry, and Monday's plans are still unknown at this point.

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