Friday, July 17, 2009

The Uterus (And Heart) Wants What It Wants

Today, Sarah (of Sarah and the Good Squad, who's post I've tried to link, but am having problems with) posted pictures of baby clothes and talked about how she's done having kids, but baby clothes make her uterus ache.

And that's how I feel almost all the time. Except for when I have cramps, because then the pain pushes all thoughts of little babies out of my head.

Even dinner with 4 fairly young kids wasn't enough to convince me to not have kids (actually, the youngest made my longing worse).

So, while some people, like Sarah, may be done with having kids (and good for her), some of us are waiting and longing and waiting until it happens. And for now, my heart, and uterus and, frankly, my arms, all want a baby.

So, I wait and try again this month. And hopefully soon my wishes will all come true.
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