Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Came 2 Weeks Late

Or We Traveled for 3 Days in a Row and Now My Nose Is Stuffy

Thursday, Ace and I decided that we should have a weekend of travel. And that we should start by going to his parents' house, because it would be smarter to get the less fun parents dealt with first.

So, Friday, we loaded up our car with laundry, us, and sandwiches and headed to Tulsa. It was COLD. My feet didn't feel warm for most of the rest of the day (until after I got in their hot tub and relaxed for a while). They pointed out that we hadn't seen them in over a year, and I was surprised that it had been that long. Then, they gave us a large check (bigger than their normal Christmas gift of money) and didn't ask too many prying questions and it was a decent trip. They even attempted to give us food before we left (unfortunately, half the food we took had expired, so it was somewhat of a waste).

Then, Saturday, we went to see my dad and step-mom and brother. The day wasn't nearly as cold, and we had hot chocolate. After we got there, we got to open up Christmas gifts and the fact that I gave them a list got me quite a decent haul (I gave them mine in late October, because I knew then what I wanted). I got 4 books from the Discworld novels (4 of 23), a new hooded sweatshirt (in gray, so light enough to see at night while being dark enough to disguise any potential stains), and 3 CDs (2 of which I asked for, 1 they knew I'd like). All the CDs have 2 disks each (one is a DVD disk), so it's like I got twice the gifts with those. Ace got an emergency kit for the car and some cash (which is always a nice gift, but was given since he didn't give any kind of list because he didn't ever remember to send one). Nicely, he likes the CDs I asked for, so they are kind of like presents for both of us.

Then, Sunday, we came back to Springfield. And our car's heater actually got us warm enough to want to take our coats off (which hadn't happened before that). Since then, my nose decided that it was going to be somewhat stuffy and runny at the same time, just to annoy me. Also, I think the room is rather dry or something, as I have sneezed more this past week than I have in a long while (I was sneezing before we left, but that stopped while we were gone).

But, we finally got to feel like it was Christmas and I got to make my dad (and Ace) happy with a big smile on my face Saturday after opening gifts. I think I'm okay with a slightly runny/stuffy/sneezing nose now. Because I'm still happy about our trip.
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